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Welcome to the art of photography by Allen Breaux Studio & Gallery Inc. serving  Lafayette and the community since 1947.  

As a third generation photographer I am skilled in the Old Masters style of portraiture as well as the newer fast paced photo journalistic styles required for events and corporate.  When asked what makes me different I can say we have not forgotten that to create a work of art suitable for your wall does take time and planning combined with decades of experience in old darkroom skills.  To make a photograph from a few keystrokes on a computer is great and can be taught to anyone willing to learn but to take that image from digital back to negative, hand process, mount and hand color is something special.  The last true art form in photography is our light oil portraits that do take some 2-3 months to create because of the old school hand processes required.  Some of the equipment used to create these portraits are over 70 years old and reminds me of a time less forgiving than our digital age.  This technique was passed down to me by my grand father and today makes Allen Breaux Studio & Gallery one of the last traditional portrait studios still in existence.  

Please take the time to look at our samples but know that the actual beauty of the finished product just can not be properly represented online as the feel of the soft textured paper and the smell of fresh lacquers just can not be demonstrated.   

I am available for consultation on your next work of art.

Brent Allen LeBlanc
Owner/Portrait Artist-Photographer 

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